Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Should I bag my grass clippings?

People ask me all the time, if they need to bag their grass clippings?  Do grass clippings increase thatch?

If you cut your grass frequently, you should not bag your grass clippings.  Grass clippings decompose rapidly and deposit nitrogen back into the soil.  If you are removing your grass clippings, you are remove nitrogen and will need to fertilize more often. 

Grass clipping do not increase thatch.  Thatch is created by stems and roots growing vertically.  To reduce stem growth increase the frequency of your grass cutting.  Also, scalp warm season grasses like Bermuda and Zyosia in the early spring, and then aerate once turf is 50 % green.  This will greatly reduce the thatch.  Thatch is a main contributor to turf fungus.

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Monday, October 29, 2012

New Vendor www.GLSpartspro.com to Save on Landscape Parts and supplies

In this economy, we are always looking for new ways to save money.  This is especially true for money we are already spending.  There is a new e commerce site that specializes in the landscape industry on supplying quality parts, at an economical price, and in a timely fashion.  GLS Parts Pro has over 30,000 parts of all the major brands in the landscape industry.  You can check them out at www.GLSpartspro.com

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Creech Landscape Atlanta Feb 2012


Those that have our Turf Program, we will be treating the turf with a pre-emergent at the end of Feb beginning of March to control the spring and summer weeds .  Those of you who have requested, we will be fertilizing the shrubs and trees and applying Horticultural Oil.  It is not too late to call but we do only have a few weeks as we can’t fertilize the azaleas during blooming. 

Spring is an excellent time for aeration call me if you would like to be placed on the schedule.  We will start aeration when we are 50% green.  We will be completing the winter clean-up, pruning of Crape Myrtles and roses.  Later in the month and beginning of March, we will be scalping the turf.

Call if you would like to receive a grub treatment for the turf in March, this will reduce Japanese Beatles.   We can still apply the Horticultural Oil to the shrubs.  This will control scale and kill insect larva on the plants

                   PLANT OF THE MONTH                 TREE OF THE MONTH
           ‘Bill Wallace’ dwarf Loropetalum                      Any Dogwood

Now is a good time to put down pine straw and mulch as Spring is just round the corner.  Call me for any spring projects.

Landscape Trivia:  Did you know the color of a rose has meanings.  Red: Love & Respect.  Deep Pink: Gratitude, Appreciation.  Light Pink: Admiration, Sympathy.  White: Reverence, Humility.  Yellow: Joy, Gladness.  Orange: Enthusiasm, Desire.  Red &Yellow Blend: Gaiety, Joviality.  Pale Blended Tones: Sociability, Friendship

Don’t forget “Valentines Day” it is a good time to give live plants that can be planted outdoors.  Remember those that you love.  

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Does a reel mower make a difference?

Does a reel mower make a difference?

A reel mower not only makes the grass look better, it is also healthier. A reel mower operates like a pair of scissors. Two blades come together to actually cut the blade of grass. A rotary mower actually rips thru the grass. With a reel mower, the cut is clean and straight. Thus, it heals quicker and is less likely to get a turf disease.  With a reel mower it is imperative that the grass is cut regularly.  This means at least weekly.  The blade of a reel mower is designed to cut the soft blades of grass.  If you allow the grass to grow to long or allow the grass to develop a seed head then the reel mower will have difficulty in cutting the grass.  You will also find that you have to keep your yard weed free.  Reel mowers are designed to cut grass not weeds.  Weeds and stems of seed heads are thicker and are the reel mower is not designed to cut these thicker objects.  Furthermore, weeds and seed heads will dull the blades of a reel mower.

Cost is another issue in making a switch to a reel mower.  A good reel mower like a tru-cut or a Locke will cost between $1500 to $3500.  You will also have to sharpen your blades a couple of times during the season; more if you have a larger yard.  Backlapping and grind the reels will cost on average about $125.  The annual service cost of the reel mower for a homeowner is about $300 to $400 a year.  If you have your home maintained by a landscape professional there is additional cost in using a reel mower.  There is the equipment cost and maintenance cost mentioned above, and it takes 30% to 50% longer to cut the turf area.  A homeowner should expect a 10% to 30% increase in the landscape maintenance cost.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Why is snow removal important

Why is Snow Removal Important?

Snow removal is important to a community because it is a safe way to ensure the community can function when mother nature is acting out. Snow removal on the highways and access ways are a few examples of important areas that need to be cleared to ensure a safe commute. When it snows people need to safely get to road and highways for their commute thats where Creech Landscape can help. Creech Landscape is here to offer our snow removal services for our neighbors and the community to safely ensure they can get to where they need to be. If your driveway or sidewalks are not salted and clean, you could possibly injure yourself or others. In order to reduce your liability and provide a safe environment for you, your family, and your neighbors
By Joshua Carter, Branch Manager of Cincinnati, Ohio for Creech Landscape

How do I control Poa Annua in my Landscape Maintenance

How can you control Poa Annua (Annual Bluegrass) in my Landscape Maintenance? The most important treatment is the application of pre-emergence before we hit nighttime temperature at 70 degree or lower for three nights in a row. After that, Poa Annua will began to germinate. This will usually occur in Atlanta about mid September, maybe a little soon in Northern suburbs. Even though the Poa Annua has germinated, you can not see it. In November/December, application of Simazine will help control any Poa Annua that has already germinated. Simazine will kill any recently germinating Poa Annua, and it will add an additional level of pre-emgerence. One problem is that Poa Annua can sometimes build a resistance to Simazine. A warm fall will accelerate the growth of Poa Annua.  If it is too mature, the Simazine will be ineffective against it.  On mature poa annua you will need to spray a post-emergent herbicide.  You can spray Transit-X early in the season as it is unaffected by cold temperaatures.  As early spring arrives, and temperature rise above 70's, there are several post-emergent chemicals that can handle Poa Annua.  The best one in my opinion is Revolver.  You need to be careful with all of these chemicals as they will harm fescue, liropie, and rye grass.  The key is to identify Poa Annua early and to treat immediately.

Do I need year around landscape maintenance in Atlanta?

Do you need to maintain your landscape year round? In Atlanta, Year around maintenance is very common and needed to keep a healthy landscape. While the frequency may change from weekly to a couple of times a month from November to March, there is imperative work that needs to occur to be ready for Spring. Here are a few maintenance activities that occur during these months:
Leaf Removal
Cutting back Liropie, perrennials, and oranmental grasses
Hard pruning of shrubs
Limbing of Trees
Pruning of Craepe Mrytles and Butterfly Bush
Prunning of Roses
Scalping of Bermuda and Zyosia
There are also several lawn care and pest control treatments to prepare for Spring:
Application of Simazine in Nov or Dec for Poa Annua control in early sping
Application of Dormant Oil on Shrubs to reduce insect populations in Spring
Application of Pre-Emergent in Late Feb/Early March
Fertilization of Trees and Shrubs
Application of Winter Fertilization in October for root development
Fertilization and overseeding of Fescue
Grub Treatment
Not maintaining your landscape in the winter will increase Spring problems and require a Spring clean up. This spring clean up is most like to cost more than continuing the maintenance through the winter. Also it will be defficult to get the landscape to look and perform as it should.
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