Thursday, January 5, 2012

Do I need year around landscape maintenance in Atlanta?

Do you need to maintain your landscape year round? In Atlanta, Year around maintenance is very common and needed to keep a healthy landscape. While the frequency may change from weekly to a couple of times a month from November to March, there is imperative work that needs to occur to be ready for Spring. Here are a few maintenance activities that occur during these months:
Leaf Removal
Cutting back Liropie, perrennials, and oranmental grasses
Hard pruning of shrubs
Limbing of Trees
Pruning of Craepe Mrytles and Butterfly Bush
Prunning of Roses
Scalping of Bermuda and Zyosia
There are also several lawn care and pest control treatments to prepare for Spring:
Application of Simazine in Nov or Dec for Poa Annua control in early sping
Application of Dormant Oil on Shrubs to reduce insect populations in Spring
Application of Pre-Emergent in Late Feb/Early March
Fertilization of Trees and Shrubs
Application of Winter Fertilization in October for root development
Fertilization and overseeding of Fescue
Grub Treatment
Not maintaining your landscape in the winter will increase Spring problems and require a Spring clean up. This spring clean up is most like to cost more than continuing the maintenance through the winter. Also it will be defficult to get the landscape to look and perform as it should.
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